Oscar #worldpeace.

The Tottenham MC has been making bangers since 2014 like “Cult” and “MOOK” and with recognition from some UK heavyweights like The Streets’, Mike Skinner and Beats 1 Host, Zane Lowe, it’s no surprise the time for #worldpeace has finally come.

With the release of his debut EP ‘Recluse’, it tells the tale of frustration, depression and anger in 23 minutes that doesn’t seem to last long enough. Weaving snippets of “true life,” with the escapism that music can provide. This was definately worth the wait.

Opening with ‘Invent’, #worldpeace shows off his range, and penchant for honest, open conversation, talking about Brexit, mental health and family, whilst dropping multiple golden lines like “we’re oppressed we don’t need depression”. The variety continues throughout the rest of the EP, maintaining the balance between levity and seriousness that his subject matter demands.

It’s rare to listen to a new artist who can transfer their experiences into their music so clearly, but Oscar has that skill. With bringing listeners into the world of the self-defined social recluse, but never going too far to immerse them completely.  He maintains an arms distance that encourages listeners to pay attention and push for more.

Fluctuating between quiet and unassuming to feral and hungry, Oscar #worldpeace always reminds his listeners that he’ll never allow his contemporaries to take advantage of him. Despite being someone who seems so comfortable grappling with his own vulnerabilities, he uses these as his most potent weapons to carve and sharpen words that some MC’s shy from.

Oscar #worldpeace’s debut EP wraps up almost as quickly as it begins, and I have the feeling that he has something up his sleeve for those who will call for more. Anyone trying to stop #worldpeace should prepare for war.

Favourite Track: ‘That’s Alright’ – displays dichotomy particularly well, switching from a woozy, intoxicating intro that would be a hit on its own, to a hard-hitting, sparkly beat that Oscar rips into. Add Ragz Originale’s infectious hook (frequent Skepta collaborator and Mini Kingz member) and you have a banger.

Fast Forward to the 12th April 2017, just 1 day before his headline show Oscar #worldpeace x Ragz Originale x 808 Charmer x Knucks released a new track called ‘Clean.’ With some of the dopest artist right now in the UK, this tune is definately cold.

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Oscar #worldpeace debut headline show on April 13th at Sebright Arms. Tickets can be found on DICE.

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