The long awaited track ‘Left Home’ by South London rapper Lancey Foux has finally released. For the past few months it’s been a huge teaser by Lancey, constantly playing it on social media and a number of his friends also dropping hints.

The punchy summer vibes together with Lancey’s unique voice keep me playing it over and over, I’ve only had it for the past month but keep having to relisten. It’s hard to categorise his style because it’s always developing and something new being brought to the table, but it really does seem that people are catching onto his unique approach – There are definitely no doubts that Left Home will be a huge track throughout the summer months and Lancey will continue to come through with the tracks.

Everyone’s heard the lyrics “Tom Jones, classic man, gangster, Taliban” on top of the tropical beat but now you finally get to hear the full track below, tell us your thoughts.