Sonder – the trio made up of singer Brent Faiyaz and producers Dpat and Atu have come together to create sounds of pure sultry and seduction.

Brent Faiyaz originally from Baltimore made a move to Los Angeles to grow as an artist and he did just that. Along with Dpat and Atu, they have come together to create the most beautiful collection of sounds. With a mix of R&B and Soul – these are the ultimate slow jams that will leave you mesmerised or leave you in your feelings. Either way it will have you wanting to listen over and over again!
By definition, Sonder (n) meaning – the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own. This is exactly what brought these individuals together. Originally meeting online, the trio shared the same musical vision and this is clearly shown through the soulful sounds of Sonder.

Brent Faiyaz – as cliche as it may sound – has the voice of an angel. Apart from the band, Brent has formed his own solo musical career blossoming with the release of his EP – ‘A.M. Paradox’ which holds the same airy, sensual feeling when listened to. The first track ‘Lovely’ is such an enticing song – produced by fellow band members Dpat and Atu – they are also doing their ting behind the scenes.

Houston’s Dpat and Detroit’s Atu are a pair of soulection producers who also moved to LA to create magic! Collaborating with such artists as Sango and Azid Right, their sound is filled with beautiful baselines, elegant synths and atmospheric chords that are so signature to the two producers.

Sonder skilfully seduced us with the release of their preludes – ‘Victoria, Undone & Shelth’ which was a lead up to the release of their official EP – ‘Into’. A collection of the most alluring sounds put into 7 amazing tracks; it is faultless. They perfected old school 90s R&B drum patterns and samples from such songs as ‘Jamie Fox – Can I take you home’ (which is such a tune) with modern day soulection melodies which really brings out the uniqueness of their sound.


It is clear that the three have an undeniable chemistry. Sonder have definitely given us a clear introduction to who they are and what they are about to bring. This is only the beginning and we are already eager for more!


Written & Reviewed By @MyJulies
Favourite Track: Sonder – Too Fast