For those who don’t currently know who you are, can you tell us who you are and what you do?
I go by the name of GEO. I also am founder of self entitled international design house, with a strong team.

Working behind the scenes in fashion for a number of years, what made you decide to transition to becoming a forefront in the industry?
Actually, I am first and foremost a graphic designer, I’ve worked on fashion projects before but this is my first time really taking a dive into a new venture.

Why did you choose to brand your design house and clothing under your own name?
It’s my vision, my world where friends and family contribute to the bigger picture. GEO is also an abbreviation for geography, it all makes sense.

What does Collection One mean to you?
Collection one is an experiment and an experience at the same time. I’m really testing myself. This is my first initial offering and its time to grow and learn.

How did your personality play a part in influencing it?
My personality is my taste level and more. The clothing is a direct reflection of exactly what I wanted to achieve.

Being a designer you often add details to a project that go unnoticed, what intricate details did you decide to add?
Always, it’s always about creating something you can look at several times and spot something new. You may see graphics and cuts that you initially wouldn’t see. Even got cool button detailing on the denim jacket.

Does you believe big department stores will start spending to back British underground brands?
Possibly, whether that be a good or bad thing in the long term we will see, but I don’t think we really need many stores. It’s all e-commerce now.

What direction do you see the British streetwear scene going?
I see us getting better, and expanding the British vibes across the waters more often. We influence a lot and don’t even know it.

What direction would you like to develop yourself into, as well as your work in fashion?

I’m really gonna focus on getting better overall. I know what I need todo in order to get better. I want me and my team to really push ourselves.