“Butler is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice focuses on the intentional removal of informational excess through a subtle, minimalistic approach. His work fixates on the significance of clarity in content, while upholding an uncompromising attitude towards achieving figurativism in a minimalistic art form.

His latest exhibition titled ‘Nostalgia’, which features a collection of artwork and interactive objects is the artist attempt to re create his childhood influences. The aim is to invoke a longing for the past from the viewer.

It is also the colourblind artist’s first exploration into using a colour palette he can’t fully decipher, the end result will be a body of work that’ll look quite different to the normal eye compared to the artist’s.

All design and art forms aim to convey a message, which is more often than not, bundled with emotion in an effort to evoke a reaction in an audience. It is precisely the artist’s unflinching clarity of vision that allows him to express something complex in as few lines as possible, allowing the audiences to discover the emotion, thoughts and make the connections themselves, filling in their own gaps, rather than imposing them.”